United nations essay thesis

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United nations essay thesis

It is a well-known intergovernmental organization that focuses on international cooperation and order.

United Nations Thesis Statement

In the following paragraphs, we will delve into its creation and historical timeline to gain a greater understanding of this key force for world peace.

Before the United Nations was founded, many other intergovernmental organizations were created to bring countries together for a common a goal of international peace. Though the League of Nations was created to maintain harmony between countries, it did not have the representation from colonial peoples, and Japan, the USSR, and Germany did not join.

Through this lack of representation, it failed in its actions against the Japanese invasion of Manchuria inthe Second Italo-Ethiopian War inthe Japanese invasion of China inand German domination under the reign of Adolf Hitler.

United nations essay thesis

In the draft, four allied countries were noted: During the Second World War, more governments signed the document and declared war on the Axis, which were the forces that fought against the allied countries: However, the United Nations as a organization rather than a declaration was created in at the Dumbarton Oaks Conference by the four major allied forces: These governments and organizations were involved in drafting the UN Charter.

The United Nations came into official existence as an organization on October 24,when the Charter was ratified by the Security Council and the most of the signatories.

And finally, the first meetings of the General Assembly were held in London on January 10, with 51 nations being represented www.

In its current form, the United Nations comprises four organs: As a response to the Second World War, the United Nations was first a treaty declaration between four major regions—the US, the UK, the Soviet Union, and China—and was later developed into an organization that incorporated most of the major countries in the world to maintain international peace and order.

The United Nations has been sustained through decades of hardship and wars unlike organizations that had come before it that were similar in nature.

United nations essay thesis

We can only hope that this beneficial organization continues its peacekeeping and anti-corruption missions. References Kennedy, Paul []. The Parliament of Man: Hoopes, Townsend; Brinkley, Douglas []. FDR and the Creation of the U. Looking for the Sheriff. New York Review of Books, July 16, Declaration of The United Nations.

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