The role of the new age manager

The emphasis was on a general overview and a description of the various activities instead of specific details.

The role of the new age manager

Just as the wrong hire is costly, so is the wrong promotion--so with that in mind, we asked 15 entrepreneurs from YEC to reveal one surefire sign that a team member is ready to take on a managerial role. They change their vocabulary from "mine" to "ours.

November 20, 2018

This may be a simple choice of words. An employee may use the term I, mine or me. Those ready to assume a management role may choose words like ours, we or us. They prove they can manage themselves. One key indicator that an employee has really come into their own is when they require less and less time to manage.

They know what needs to be done and make sure it happens, they learn to spot opportunities and coordinate actions to seize them. They look out for others.

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Great managers are selfless leaders that want the unit to succeed together. A sign of a leader ready to take on a managerial role is the ability to take responsibility for themselves or the team. The people you lead will give you respect if you own your decisions, regardless of the outcome. They excel above expectations.

The sign of a good leader is if they are going above and beyond consistently. They actually want to take it on. The most important sign is that they want to be in a managerial role and they ask for it. Once team members have mastered their technical craft--but before they get bored--I begin to explore their interest in leading others.

Others, however, crave opportunities that bring new challenges. They already manage without realizing it.

When somebody truly wants to be in that role, they do it without even trying because they enjoy it. They go above and beyond in completing their tasks.

If they have a natural affinity for this kind of coordination, they are probably a good fit. A great manager is someone who not only manages existing tasks, but also takes initiative in creating or improving other tasks and processes for the benefit of the company.

Potential managers who demonstrate these traits also tend to display ingenuity and critical thinking in the ways they perform on a daily basis, which tells me they are ready to take on more responsibilities.

They look for solutions. I am always looking for my team to bring me solutions instead of problems.

The role of the new age manager

A good manager will understand and have mastered this art form.At New Age, we believe our first responsibility is to individuals, families and corporate customers who place their trust in us to provide the most appropriate financial solutions to meet their needs.

As the most reputable insurance companies in Dubai, we provide comprehensive services in a timely manner. [Note: This is the first of a two-part series on the role of an HR manager in good and bad times. With the upsurge of economic crisis and troubled times ahead, the role of HR managers is constantly evolving.

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People Enabling and People Empowerment. Until now, we have discussed the role of an HR manager in various processes related to the HR function. The emphasis was on a general overview and a description of the various activities instead of specific details.

The roles of coach and resistance manager represent the biggest departure for many managers from the role they have historically played in the organization. Effectively coaching employees through a change and identifying and managing resistance to change require a new set of skills.

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