Spiritual disciplines

Sean Emslie Running Head: The practice of spiritual disciplines has been most notably in the Catholic and Orthodox Church traditions and only later adopted into Protestant Churches Boa, Biblical examples of Spiritual Disciplines We can see the spiritual discipline of prayer in the life of Daniel in Daniel chapter 6. The officials of the King reported Daniel and he was thrown to the lions, but miraculously God spared him from death.

Spiritual disciplines

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Are the spiritual disciplines in the Bible? What benefit are the spiritual disciplines? While the Bible does give us guidance as to how Spiritual disciplines live a Christian life, spiritual disciplines are usually given in a book, in a condensed form.

Different writers include different activities in their lists; here are a few.

Praying the Bible

We should definitely study God's word—we can't worship someone we don't know. It's sad that the diversions of the world lead us to the point where we have to be reminded to talk with our God. Fasting has rather fallen out of favor, but Jesus and others in the Bible used it as a tool for worship and discipline.

Jesus is our Sabbath rest. But it's still a good idea to take a break from our business and spend time with God. Sometimes it feels easier to live the Christian life without others we feel aren't "doing it right. Taking time to be still and listen to God is essential for our relationship—as long as it doesn't stray into the realm of mysticism.

Singing praise songs is often the easiest way we have of acknowledging how good God is to us. Expressions of worship can take many other forms as well.

What are Examples of the Spiritual Disciplines? - Practices

Some Christians serve as easily as they breathe. Others need to take the time and be deliberate about it. But all believers should serve. Jesus often took the chance to go off alone and focus on God.

Spiritual disciplines

If He needed this discipline, we certainly do. Submission is a type of service—finding what another needs and bowing our will to it.

In the Old Testament, God regularly led the Israelites to set up monuments and feast days to mark significant times when He had worked in their lives. It is good to celebrate the blessing God gives us. These are a few of the "spiritual disciplines"; there are others, depending on the author.Spiritual disciplines are habits, practices, and experiences that are designed to develop, grow, and strengthen certain qualities of spirit — to build the “muscles” of one’s character and .

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What are the spiritual disciplines, and what can they do to bring us closer to God. Find out why these habits can do a lot for our Christian walk. Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life was originally released in and has been influencing Christians in remarkable ways for over 20 years now.

This latest edition was released in with significant revision. The distinctive characteristic of spiritual disciplines is that they are completely within our control, in contrast to the other two which impact our lives in many ways that are out of our control. The first two work from the outside in on our lives and behavior.

Whether the term is biblical counseling, progressive sanctification, growth in grace, soul care, spiritual direction, spiritual formation, or spiritual disciplines, the core question relates to how the extra-biblical term is defined biblically. Living out the spiritual disciplines move us toward spiritual maturation, strong faith, and authentic Christian character Again, the core heart of spiritual disciplines is to allow each individual a means by which we conform to the image and likeness of Christ and manifest Christ-like and Godly values.

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