Research papers on fish

Receptors[ edit ] Rainbow trout have nociceptors on the face, snout and other areas of the body. Primitive fish such as lampreys Petromyzon marinus have free nerve endings in the skin that respond to heat and mechanical pressure. However, behavioural reactions associated with nociception have not been recorded, and it is also difficult to determine whether the mechanoreceptors in lamprey are truly nociceptive-specific or simply pressure-specific.

Research papers on fish

Persistent organic pollutants and metals in the freshwater biota of the Canadian Subarctic and Arctic: An overview Overan extensive series of contaminant studies was conducted on freshwater biota of The majority of inorganic contaminant studies focused on mercury and fish.

While mercury concentrations were low in benthic feeding fish such as whitefish, predatory fish such as lake trout, pike, and walleye frequently had mercury levels which exceeded 0. Numerous consumption advisories were issued for lakes along the Mackenzie River.

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Relatively high mercury levels appear to be due to a combination of relatively old fish populations because of light fishing pressures and tend to be more prevalent in smaller lakes where warmer summer water temperatures and watershed influences result in greater mercury and methyl mercury inputs.

Mercury levels were substantially lower in char than in lake trout, possibly due to a combination of a less fish-rich diet, a colder environment, and smaller MeHg watershed inputs. Less research has been conducted on other metals but some, such as rubidium, show pronounced variations in concentration that may be related to geological influences.

Fish in Research comprised of papers presented at a symposium entitled ""Fish in Research"" sponsored by the University of South Dakota in Vermillion. The purpose of the symposium was to ask those directly involved in research on fish, ""What unique information of biochemical and physiological processes can be gained by using fish as. 7. CES Technical Report Environmental Profile and People's Livelihood Aspects in the Vicinity of Coal Based Thermal Power Plant at Yellur Panchayat, Udupi District. FISH PRODUCTION - MODELING The aim of this investigation is to consider commercial fishing in a particular country in two different environments, that is from the sea and a fish farm (aquaculture). The following data provided below was taken form the UN Statistics Division Common Database. The tables gives the total mass of fish caught in the sea, in thousands of tones (1 tone = kilograms).

Temporal trend monitoring has revealed little evidence of declining mercury levels in fish that can be attributed to declining atmospheric inputs. Because mercury follows complex pathways in the environment, other factors may operate to counteract reductions in atmospheric mercury sources, e.

There was strong evidence of declining OC concentrations in char, particularly SigmaHCH and Sigmachlordane, which may reflect a response to declining atmospheric inputs. Endosulfan concentrations increased, as in the atmosphere.

OC concentrations decreased in lake trout in Yukon lakes in the s, most probably because of changes in the fish themselves i. New research on PDBEs and perfluorinated compounds determined that these contaminants are widespread in freshwater fish and concentrations may be increasing.

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Global warming is a major issue of concern for Arctic and Subarctic waters and may have adverse impacts on contaminant levels in fish and other biota. There is a need for contaminant studies in the north to be broadened to investigate climatic effects. In addition, monitoring studies should be broadened to consider factors affecting other aspects of fish biology.

Research papers on fish

Foremost among these is integrating contaminant monitoring studies on lakes such as Lake Laberge and Great Slave Lake with stock assessment studies.

Ecosystem based studies should be conducted on Great Slave Lake and Lake Laberge to more effectively understand contaminant trends and should consider inputs atmospheric, river inflow, resupensionlosses sedimentation, volatilizationand biological pathways.Manatee Information.

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Research papers on fish

References on this page are ordered by topic. References can also be viewed ordered by date.. Bayesian Analysis expand topic. View Fish Biology Research Papers on for free. Research Papers words ( pages) The Sports of Fishing Essay - The Sports of Fishing Fishing, or angling, is the sport of trying to catch fish with a rod, reel, line and baited hooks.

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