Paraphrase sample

Source Using Quotation A quotation is putting "The exact words someone said between quotation marks. Most of the time, it is better to summarize or paraphrase. What should you quote? Quote when the words are said by someone who has authority on the subject or is an important public figure whose words on that issue are important to know like Martin Luther King talking about Civil Rights, or President Obama talking about world affairs.

Paraphrase sample

Paraphrasing is rewording text so that the original meaning is there but it is in a new form. Rewriting a passage in your own words is paraphrasing. Examples of Paraphrasing In the following examples, the original Paraphrase sample is paraphrased in the second sentence.

Niagara Falls is viewed by thousands of tourists every year. Each year, thousands of people visit Niagara Falls. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was painted by Michelangelo.

It was a spacious room with lit candles all over. Candles flickered from many areas of the large room.

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In ancient times the olive branch was used as a peace symbol, as well as the dove. Many centuries ago, peace was shown with an olive branch and a dove. The gray clouds were a warning of an approaching storm. The coming storm was foretold by the dark clouds. He was saddened by the news.

The news depressed him. Pouring hydroxide peroxide on your wooden cutting board will kill salmonella and other bacteria. The bacteria on your wooden cutting board, including salmonella, can be eradicated by pouring hydrogen peroxide on it.

Ginger shuts down nerve receptors that trigger the vomiting reflex. The nerve receptors that cause the reflex for vomiting are stopped by ginger. She was a successful author and speaker. She found success as a speaker and writer.

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The still waters of the Caribbean were teal in color. The turquoise Caribbean waters were calm. The majority of consumers prefer imported cars. Foreign cars are preferred by most customers. The museum has a huge collection of African art.

Paraphrase sample

There is a large exhibit of African art at the museum. A scroll compressor looks like a screw and squeezes the refrigerant.Example of paraphrasing sentences: The fox is surveying the place using its night vision and spectacular hearing.

Paraphrasing doesn’t mean to make the text shorter: In summarizing, you need a shorter version but it is not in paraphrasing. The paraphrase may be used as a form of polite redesign of a statement, or as satire, re-expressing the original in a different context.

Often paraphrase is used to make a statement more efficient, to express it better, differently, or improve its ability to be understood. Get rid of plagiarism in your papers! Paraphrase examples with us - the most effective paraphrase example help is one click away. Paraphrasing is common when writing a research paper.

It allows you to explain important ideas in your own writing style and focus in on the information that is most useful in making your point. The paraphrase reflects the same ideas as the original quote, but is in its own words and writing style.

Paraphrase sample

The term “underground purgatory” is placed in quotes, as it is a unique phrase used in the original quote. Jan 20,  · Summary: tells the main idea of a piece of writing. The summary is always shorter than the main text and leaves out details that aren't important to the paper you are writing.

You always write a summary in your own caninariojana.coms:

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