Ofwat business planning consultation fee

Contacts Introduction This document deals with the quality of water that is provided for human consumption — drinking, preparing food, making ice, making drinks with water and brushing teeth.

Ofwat business planning consultation fee

A sharp focus on high professional standards and the reduction of prescriptive bureaucracy, and its associated cost, also supports law firms to grow, compete and provide accessible, affordable legal services. The legal services market and wider environment We regulate the largest proportion of the legal services market in England and Wales.

The UK legal services market as a whole is the largest in Europe, taking a 7 percent share of the entire global legal market. The individuals and firms we regulate provide a complete range of legal services to individuals of every type and from every community, and to businesses of all sizes in the UK and worldwide.

In this section we address some of the key issues we think will have a particular influence on our strategy. A changing market Recent years have seen significant changes in both the regulated and so called unregulated sectors of the legal services market and in the balance between the two.

Before the provisions of the Legal Services Act were implemented, legal services were overwhelmingly provided by the regulated sector. That is not the environment in which we now regulate.

The legal sector is far more diverse and will, in our view, become more so. We now regulate a broader range of businesses. Individual solicitors practise and deliver services to the public through a vast range of organisations and channels. Some of these businesses are regulated by other regulators, and others are not regulated by legal services regulators at all.

The pace of this change will increase as other legal services regulators expand the range of activities they cover, and as an increasing proportion of the market operates outside of legal services regulation altogether. Much of this change has been enabled by the Legal Services Act, but much has also been driven by innovation within the sector.

This includes, for example, increased use of technology, as well as the public appetite for accessible legal services provided in ways they can afford. Driven by developments in other sectors and new media, people and businesses have greater expectations of services being instant, agile and responsive to individual requirements.

Meeting the need for accessible, affordable legal services Although the legal services market has grown and the number and range of providers has increased, research commissioned by the Legal Services Board LSB and others has shown that many individuals and small businesses do not access the legal services they need.

The market is clearly not working for everyone. We need to consider steps that support firms to provide more accessible and affordable services, meeting the needs of people and businesses from every community, including vulnerable people. Firms have responded to the new opportunities provided by the reformed legal services market.

However, there is much more to do in specific areas. For example, in some areas where services were principally delivered using public funding, new provision has been relatively slow to emerge. Better information for the public The increasing diversity of the legal services market increases choice — particularly for individual members of the public and small businesses.

In order for people, whatever their circumstances, to make informed choices about the services they need, there is a pressing need for reliable and readily available information that is also well structured, clear and easily understood.

The need for more proportionate and less burdensome regulation We have made important changes to our regulatory requirements in recent years. For example, the introduction of alternative business structure ABS licensing, enabling a wider range of multi-disciplinary partnerships — one stop shops — and freeing up traditional solicitors firms to expand their range of professional services.

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The government has challenged all regulators to remove unnecessary regulation and reduce the burden on businesses.

In the legal services sector, both the Ministry of Justice and the LSB have emphasised how important this is.A new consultation launched by Ofwat on setting licence fees in the new retail market has flagged up the potential for higher costs and uncertainties surrounding the early stages of the competitive market which opens in April Water and Sanitation for Development MSc.

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ofwat business planning consultation fee

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Course menu * This course has an annual registration fee and a fee per taught module. The fee quoted above is the annual registration fee and this amount will be invoiced annually.

The modules we offer reflect the needs of business and. Undertakers will instead consider sustainability reductions as part of their mainstream business planning process, and recover the costs through Ofwat’s Price Review process.

All others may be charged a fee to cover reasonable costs. (see below). Ofwat must specify the consultation period in which consultees may comment. Within To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, what assessment he has made of the implications for the Government's policies on the regulation of privatised utilities of the report by Ofwat entitled Putting the sector back in balance – summary of Ofwat’s decision on issues for PR19 business plans, published on 3.

The National Archives is the UK government's official archive. Our main duties are to preserve Government records and to set standards in information management and re-use. Skip to Main Content. Glossary. Reports and associated evidence – Reports of Committee inquires. This category may also include Special Reports where they are used by a Committee to bring matters relating to conduct of its business to the notice of the House.

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