My adventure of life

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My adventure of life

There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing. First it was Italy so that I could discover my roots. Then it was Fiji because it seemed like the furthest place from Los My adventure of life which I actually did, but only for two months during the summer of After Fiji, there was an eight-year gap that was full of college and Corporate America.

My daily routine involved waking up early, working all day, and studying all night. Then one day I chose to stop dreaming. Instead, I chose to start planning.

I was fed up with my inability to take action and go for what I wanted. I gave myself eight months to save enough money, plan where I would go, and tie up any loose ends.

How To Make Your Life An Adventure

My goal was to live abroad for a year. I worked two jobs, sometimes three, so I could save enough money for the school loans and credit card bills I would still have to pay while I was gone. I had no social life, but I knew that I was working toward a life-changing experience.

I wanted to get over the fluency hump in Spanish, so I looked into countries in Latin America. I also wanted to give back, so I looked into volunteer opportunities.

In September of I quit my job and moved to Costa Rica.

My adventure of life

I volunteered for two months teaching English at a local school in a poor neighborhood. It was rewarding beyond belief. In December I thought the money was going to run out and I would have to go home.

As fate would have it, two weeks before I was due to leave, a friend told me about a job opening at a local company she had just started working at. She knew my background was in marketing and social media, and they just happened to have a Social Media Manager opening.

I interviewed and got the job! Then, as fate would have it againthe Director of Communications quit the day I started. That same week I became the new Director of Communications for a multi-million dollar company in Costa Rica.

My adventure of life

Just pick up and move if you want to move. Just put your resume out there and start interviewing if you want to find another job.

If you want to write a book, just do it already!

Adventure Life & Get Lost

Will it be easy? Will it be rewarding? Do what it takes to prepare. When faced with sink or swim, choose swim. The way that people drive in Costa Rica is a cross between Mission Impossible car chases and Motocross jumps included.

I came from Los Angeles, and most people think that L. You must drive like a maniac, and you must get used to it. This obviously goes for any cultural differences. First observe, then learn, and then swim. Erase expectations from your mind.My Adventure Life.".

9 likes. I want to encourage more people to have a fun adventure to their life and their own experience. So, you want to take your life from a to a 10 on the adventure scale?

I don't blame you. Nobody wants a bland life. Let's rip the roof off of your story (to. My Adventure Back to Life. likes. Living - THINK - positively, EXERCISE - Daily, EAT - Healthy!! Send Me a Catalog Tell us your travel plans and we will custom design a catalog just for you.

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The first step in living a life of adventure is to decide what adventures you want to go on. Then, you need to map out the steps you’re going to take, perhaps enlist a few adventure buddies to accompany you on the journey, conquer your fear, and set out on your quest.

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