Management art science and profession

Contact Us Management is an Art or Science The debate on whether management is an art or science, is very old. This hot debate, however, is not very much in the air though the controversy is not yet resolved. According to Wikipedia, management is the administration of an organization, whether it be a business, a not-for-profit organization, or govt body. It involves the activities of setting the strategy of a corporation and coordinating the efforts of its staff members to achieve its objectives.

Management art science and profession

High Marketing Management Marketing management is the oldest discipline of management study. It is the one of the highly job oriented specialization of management.

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It involves the market strategy, market availability, product compatibility, market research and market economy of the business and product.

By the growing technology and computerization, digital market is also the simultaneous part of the marketing field. There are lots of opportunities to work with various manufacturing industries. It is one of the famous management fields among the commerce students in India.

Finance management involves the resources, expenditure and balance of the economy and capital for an organization. Finance department is the back bone of any industry and finance analysts, finance executive, finance manager and finance officer play vital role in an organization.

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Human resource manager deals with the workers and employees of the company. The HRM plays the crucial role in facilitating and monitoring the connectivity of workers, training of employees, their salaries, issues, benefits, allowances and recruitment of new employees.

It is a very responsible field.

Management art science and profession

HRM manager can be hired in any organization wherein the manpower works. The business is now conducted globally across the nation boundaries.

Due to the rapid rise in the global business, the demand of the professionals is increased in various MNCs and reputed organizations who are looking to conduct their business globally.

International Business management is becoming a popular specialization among the students day-to-day. It provides the opportunity to work with the global market. This field pays good salary to the deserving candidates who have excellent communication skills and are ready to work in a challenging environment.

It involves the study and managing method of an operation or operating plant. It helps in developing the leadership quality, methodology and managerial skills in a proactive candidate.

The candidate having degree in operation management can work with any organization in any field. Event Management Event management deals with the planning and organization of events that may include parties, ceremony, festival and competition.

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An event manager can work where any gathering will going to be planned.Nature of Management We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Art implies application of knowledge & skill to trying about desired results.

An art may be defined as personalized application of general theoretical principles for achieving best possible results. Art has the following characters - Practical Knowledge: Every art requires practical knowledge. Q1. "Management is a combination Art, Science & Profession" Explain fully.


Management is a concept which cannot be limited to any specific area. It is. Management: Management as a science, arts and profession!

Some authors regard management as science because there are well tested and experimented principles of management, some authors describe management as an art because more practice is required in management and some authors consider that management is going towards the paths of profession.

Management is a Science, Art and Profession – Explained! Article shared by There has also been a debate whether management is a science or an art or the both. Wentworth’s Bachelor of Science in Construction Management program provides students with the education and work experience to enter the construction profession as a productive team member with the potential to become an innovative problem solver and industry leader.

Management art science and profession

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