Main hoon shahid afridi business report

Sushmita won Miss Universe on May 21, She toppled Aishwarya Rai, who took the second place She reportedly wore a gown made of upholstery material It must be a slow day for the Internet because it's currently obsessing, again, over whether or not Sushmita Sen really wore a dress made of curtain fabric at the Miss Universe pageant, which she won, in That was 24 years ago and, apropos of nothing, this piece of trivia has been resurrected for current discussion. Urban legend has it that Sushmita, then 18, was headed to Miss Universe after having pipped reigning supermodel Aishwarya Rai to the Miss India title and was strapped for the cash that would enable an international pageant-winning wardrobe.

Main hoon shahid afridi business report

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The secret to achieve Professional Success Posted on But few of us got highest success in their careers and professions. The companies and employers in the modern world do not make careers of their employees.

Therefore, knowing what my strengths are becomes the first important step towards achieving success. Similarly understanding of our weaknesses, our values, how we work with others and knowing what we can contribute and do effectively are some of the vital things that contributes and help someone achieve success.

In Short, Emotional Intelligence is necessary to professional growth and success. Know Thyself Each and every one of us is a unique person with their own strengths, weaknesses, personal values and character qualities. In order to achieve professional success or excellence like other people, we need to know about our strengths, weakness, values and qualities so we can best perform in the areas where we can really do.

Throughout history, people do not have to think much about it. But now people have choices. They need to know themselves in order to know where they belong. There are two simple ways to know what are your strengths and weaknesses.

First one is the feedback analysis. Whenever you take a decision or take a noticeable action, write it down on a notebook and also write the possible expected results.

After sometime write down what actual results came after a certain decision. In this way one can determine where his strengths and weaknesses lie. The second method is peer feedback method. At an Institute in Lahore, we were given an assignment to enlist the strengths and weaknesses of all the students in class with whom we have been studying since 6 months and we fairly knew each other.

We were also told to write our own Strengths and weaknesses as well. The students were not allowed to write their names and ID on while writing about assessment of other students.

As the result came, we all were given a bunch a papers having feedback from others without name and ID. We were surprised to see that strengths and weaknesses identified by most of the students were same.

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If one is working in a organization since more than 1 year than this method can be used there. These methods help understand a person about the areas where he cannot perform well due to weaknesses. It shows you where you are competent and where you are not. Therefore, you should avoid taking work, job and assignments in those areas where you strengths does not lie.

How do a Person gives best Performance Each person in this world is unique according to their skill, qualities, strengths weaknesses and values and no two people can be completely similar. This also suggests that No two person can give best performance working in a similar way.

Most of the people in organizations are treated in a similar way. A good advisor is not necessary to become a good decision maker. Similarly, some people work better as a subordinate but when they are been promoted to a place where they have to take key decisions their show terrible performance.

Some people better work in Teams while some people need solitary environment to give extraordinary performance.

People at the highest posts often face unexpected and stressful situations while people at Middle level perform best in highly structured environment.

Concentrate on strengths; develop them and most of all not try to change yourself, because you cannot succeed. Take only those works and assignments where you can perform and avoid taking jobs which you cannot do well.

main hoon shahid afridi business report

Personal Values are also Important For a person to manage himself, personal values are very important. They are not required to be completely alike but they should be closed enough to coexist. In a column, the columnist states the story of a person who got job in a bank in Pakistan.Finally, in , a revolution hit us with ‘Main Hoon Shahid Afridi’.

Many Pakistanis felt like that they too exist on the same planet. The culture of Pakistani movies got rid of the Gujjars, Jutts, Shers, Billo, Badmash and others. Looking for Asim Mehmood? PeekYou's people search has 7 people named Asim Mehmood and you can find info, photos, links, family members and more.

Sports Updates Programs, Videos, News & Pakistani Talk Shows on Shaam TV Live TV. Shahid Afridi last international appearance as World XI captain against West Indies. Babar Azam returned after injury from England. Media Report on Pak Victory vs Eng: May International media report on Pakistan victory over England in.

It has taken its first step towards becoming the premium entertainment provider in the region with the first commercial release ‘Main Hoon Shahid Afridi’ which was successfully running nationwide. Some Lesser Known Facts About Mahnoor Baloch Does Manhoor Baloch smoke?: Not Known; Does Manhoor Baloch drink alcohol?: Not Known; Manhoor Baloch is a America born Pakistani actress, model and film director who made her TV debut in with the drama serial Marvi.; She was just 15, when she got married to Hamid Siddiqui.

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