Local 365

This initial version deploys Platform update 8. What's new in local agent 2. This reduces the total downtime customers must take when applying updates to their on-premises environments by preparing upfront and allowing users to use the environment during preparation and then communicating the downtime when the actual update environment action is triggered.

Local 365

Before you begin Make sure your users have local admin privileges on their client devices. If that is not the case, then you should use your standard deployment tools and processes to install Office.

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If you haven't already, complete the assessment and planning phases for your Office deployment. This article is intended for administrators in enterprise environments working with hundreds or thousands of computers.

If you want to install Office on a single device or small number of devices, we recommend reviewing Download and install or reinstall Office or Office on your PC or Mac or Use the Office Local 365 installer.

Best practices The steps in this article are based on the following best practices: Manage updates to Office automatically, without any adminstrative overhead. For more details, see Choose how to manage updates.

If you want to manage updates from a local source, you need to change the configuration files. For more details, see configuring updates. Build two Office installation packages: Each installation package includes all the core Office apps. If you want to deploy the bit version of Office instead, you can select that option when creating the installation package.

To deploy both versions, you create additional installation packages. For more details, see Define your source files.

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Deploy to two deployment groups: For more details, see Choose your update channels. You can customize these options to match the requirements for your organization, including deploying to more than two groups, changing update channels, and deploying Visio and Project.

For more details, see Customize your deployment. Create shared folders for Office installation files Because you're deploying Office ProPlus from a local source, you have to create folders to store the Office installation files.

You'll create one parent folder and two child folders, one for the pilot group, with the version of Office from Semi-Annual Channel Targetedand one for the broad group, with version of Office from Semi-Annual Channel. Create the following folders: Stores the ODT and the configuration files that define how to download and deploy Office.

These folders will include all the Office installation files you need to deploy. Assign Read permissions for your users.

Installing Office from a shared folder requires only that the user have Read permission for that folder, so you should assign Read permission to everyone. For details about how to create shared folders and assign permissions, see Shared Folders Note In this article, we have just one shared folder on the network, but many organizations make the Office installation files available from multiple locations.

Using multiple locations can help improve availability and minimize the effect on network bandwidth. For example, if some of your users are located in a branch office, you can create a shared folder in the branch office. Those users can then install Office from the local network.

For more information, see DFS Management. If you've already downloaded the ODT, make sure you have the latest version. After downloading the file, run the self-extracting executable file, which contains the ODT executable setup.Ask questions, submit queries and get help with problems via phone or email.

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Local 365

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