How to write a testimony for court

By AllBusiness Editors In: Legal Testimony is evidence given by a competent witness under oath. A witness is competent if he or she can communicate effectively on the stand and understands the duty to tell the truth.

How to write a testimony for court

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Battle training with kaiten in the Inland Sea. The Fifth Kaiten Mission: I arrives at Otsujima to embark kaiten, then departs for Hikari. Spruance's Fifth Fleet, including more than 40 aircraft carriers, 18 battleships, destroyers and over 1, support ships surround Okinawa.

Buckner Jr's Tenth Army 7th, 77th, 96th Infantry and 1st, 6th Marine divisions makes amphibious landings and begins the battle to take the island from LtGen Ushijima Mitsuru's 32nd Army defenders. At daybreak, I's Type 13 radar picks up an approaching aircraft.

I is forced to dive by aircraft many times. In addition to American aircraft, the weather is bad, the navigator has trouble getting a fix on I's exact position and her batteries are almost depleted.

Hashimoto surfaces in daylight, but a flying boat appears almost immediately. I is forced to dive and later many more times in the day, but she finally arrives off Amami-Oshima, albeit behind schedule.

I is ordered to penetrate the invasion fleet anchorage on the west coast of Okinawa and to launch its kaitens there to support the attack by battleship YAMATO.

how to write a testimony for court

Early in the morning, when I is proceeding to the Okinawa, area, her lookouts sight a Martin PBM-3 "Mariner" seaplane that had not been picked up by her radar.

Hashimoto reports that he is unable to break through the American ASW defenses from the western direction. He heads towards Kyushu to recharge the batteries. After recharging her batteries, I heads back to Okinawan waters. The submarine is spotted by aircraft repeatedly, but manages to escape each time.

Vice Admiral Miwa redirects I to an area between Okinawa and Guam to attack enemy communications there. I is ordered to return to Kure.

At aboutwhile recharging her batteries on the surface, I picks up an enemy ship on her radar.

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She dives and later identifies the well-lit enemy as a hospital ship. Hashimoto allows it to pass. Early in the morning, I is detected by three American destroyers and depth-charged.

LtCdr Hashimoto evades the chase, diving to feet. Kaitens and their pilots are debarked.

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Refit at Kure Navy Yard. I's catapult and hangar are removed. This increases the number of kaiten she is able to carry to six. All torpedoes are fitted with underwater access tubes. I is also fitted with a snorkel and Type 3 sonar.©, , , Leslie Ellen Shear INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARING DECLARATION Rough Draft Due Date_____ Appointment to Review and Revise Declaration.

Real Time Court Reporting Real Time Court Reporting Denver and Colorado Springs. Utilizing real time court reporting you can view testimony on your computer or iPad as the deposition is being taken.

a. A declaration by a witness under oath, as that given before a court or deliberative body. 'You couldn't write that': Son who found out he was adopted 50 years later takes Catholic adoption agency to High Court Tressa Reeves claims her son was unlawfully taken from her, and she was.

how to write a testimony for court

Dissolution, better known as divorce, divides the assets and debts of a couple, determines custody and visitation rights of their children, sets child and spousal support, and returns the . One Way to Write a Witness Testimony For the Plaintiff/Defendant Before asking the witness for a witness testimony, make sure that there is not another way to bring their testimony to court.

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