How to write a letter to santa lesson plan

The Call to Participate in Public Life Gathering Be sure to begin each session by establishing a sense of welcome and hospitality. If participants do not already know one another well, you may wish to do an icebreaker.

How to write a letter to santa lesson plan

Begin by secretly assigning each student in your class the name of a fellow classmate. Be sure to impress upon your students the importance of not telling anyone the identity of their pen pal.

Students should be given about 10 minutes each day this is a great morning work or transition time activity to write a letter to their secret pen pal. They can include information about their day, tell a funny story or even compliment their pen pal on a job well done in class.

If you want to allow students to write back to their mystery pen pals, then you would just have to make each student hand in their response letters to you so that you can give them to the matching classmate.

This practice can continue for multiple days or weeks, ending with a final letter where the students sign their names on their last cards, revealing their identities to their pen pals. Upper Grade Writing Buddies As teachers we are all aware of the benefit of scaffolding as a teaching strategy as well as the power of modeling to provide young students with examples of well-written texts.

You can harness this power through the use of upper grade writing buddies. Begin by finding a colleague who would be willing to have his or her upper grade students become writing buddies with your first or second graders.

Plan a day when you can get both of your classes together, pairing one older student and one younger student as writing buddies.

how to write a letter to santa lesson plan

Give the partners a chance to chat for a while and get to know one another. Then tell the students that they will be able to continue their conversations and build their friendship through letters.

how to write a letter to santa lesson plan

At least once a week provide time for your students to write to their upper grade buddies. Remind students to follow the friendly letter format and to make sure they are carrying on a conversation, asking and answering questions with their buddies.

Deliver the letters your students have written to your buddy class and wait for the response letters to arrive! Either way it is a perfect practice for increasing proficiency in letter writing while fostering a friendly school environment.

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Student writing a letter to his upper grade writing buddy. Begin by making a list with students of all of the people who help make school great: Provide students with paper and decorating supplies like coloring utensils and stickers to create holiday cards to thank these school helpers.

Once students have written their thank you letters they can go around the school and deliver their cheerful messages to each recipient. It is a great way to spread some good feelings right around the holidays while practicing writing friendly letters.

Make Your Own Class Mailbox Students will get so excited to practice letter writing if they have a real class mailbox for their letters! Just set the mailbox up in the writing center of your classroom and allow students to "mail" the letters that they write for classmates, teachers, upper grade buddies, or any other personnel at school.

You can practice addressing envelopes as well, adding another fun dimension to National Write to a Friend Month.An Introduction to Letter Writing. By: My Child magazine. This guide was written for England's "Write a Letter Week" and contains activities to help children ages 5–9 put pen to paper and make someone's day with a handwritten letter.

Related. I LOVE the letters to santa lesson! I am student teaching and third grade right now and. Tell the students that they are going to write a letter to Santa Claus. Elicit what the students should write about in the letter.

Give each student a copy of the worksheet. Students begin by completing the letter with their name, age and location. Students will write and type up the letter and turn in the first draft.

Students will then apply corrections to the letter per the teachers instructions Letter will be mailed to the "North Pole" and a copy sent home to parents. LETTER: Write a letter to an expert on Santa Claus.

Ask him/her three questions about him. Ask him/her three questions about him. Give him/her three of your ideas on how Santa .

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