Excutive body

He completed his one-year compulsory legal studies at the Nigerian Law School, Lagosobtained his BL and was called to the Bar in Tambuwal has held several offices in the House.

Excutive body

Warungase Mobile District Secretary: View copy of the letter. After discussion, it was decided that to compile the data received from the Circles and process it immediately. Appropriate directions are given to the Excutive body section also immediately.

The court cases are again delaying the promotions for which vacancies are available. Based on the opinion of Estt section, review petition is being filed. DIR HR made some observations in the file. With the comments of Pers section it will be resubmitted. After wait of more than one week, finally the posting order of DEs within Maharashtra Circle issued today, but partially.

It is to inform that the Long pending issue of deposition of EPF contribution in respect of stipend on pre-induction training period for all BSNL recruited Executives and Employees has been settled as assured by Shri. In really very proud and strongly bonded unity of the executives and non-executives throughout Nashik SSA, on the second day of the two days strike, all the comrades have shown more stronger unity and an overwhelming response.

SNEA Nashik thanks to all comrades for total participation in strike. After detail discussions the following decisions were taken unanimously.

But till it becomes matter of Salary Deduction, then it will applicable to all the executives and non-executives who participated in Strike and also for those executives and non-executives who have applied leave during the Strike Period as per the guidelines issued by BSNL Corporate Office on the subject.

SNEA Nashik extend heartiest condolences. We have lost our loyal and faithful senior officer. He explained the importance of existence of PSUs to provide affordable services to common man of country in competitive era in every field.

This will end the disparity in promotions between various cadres in different wings and provides uniform promotional avenues to all the Executives in different wings.

New designations will be as follows: AO equivalent grade - Sr. As a onetime measure, all the existing Executives in higher scales and completed the qualifying service will be placed in higher grades on Existing Executives in higher scales will be placed in higher grades without conducting fresh DPC.

Time Bound upgradations to higher scales will continue for the Executives already working in higher scales, on completion of qualifying service in the lower scale.

Relaxation in qualifying service for the Executives in higher scales: All will get AGM promotion in 8 years. All will get AGM promotion in 9 years. They will be treated as SDE from On large number of issues, agreement reached between both sides.Executive functions (collectively referred to as executive function and cognitive control) Miyake and Friedman also suggest that the current body of research in executive functions suggest four general conclusions about these skills.

The first conclusion is the unity .


Executive privilege is the power of the President of the United States and other members of the executive branch of the United States Government to resist certain subpoenas and other interventions by the legislative and judicial branches of government in pursuit of information or personnel relating to the executive.

The power of Congress . The executive is the organ exercising authority in and holding responsibility for the governance of a state. The executive executes and enforces law.

In political systems based on the principle of separation of powers, authority is distributed among several branches (executive, legislative, . Hardwicke has been creating skylines in Ireland for over 80 years with a sterling reputation for delivering pioneering national and international developments.

Excutive body

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