Charity navigator wounded warrior project

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Charity navigator wounded warrior project

They review the information that has come to our attention about a particular charity and determine if it should be placed on the Watchlist, Donor Advisory list, or neither.

To pick apart the complaints from someone who has worked on the inside of the non-profit world that would be me: They are the ones who have to approve a budget.

Ultimately, the buck stops with them. Holding planning meetings in a five star hotel for all staff…that is something that a for-profit company would do.

Which brings us to what does Wounded Warrior Project exist to do and accomplish? In non-profit, always look for the mission statement: To honor and empower Wounded Warriors. Wounded Warrior Project publicly goes a step farther. To help injured service members aid and assist each other.

To provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members. All noble goals, but really, considering the humble beginnings of John Melia, a Desert Storm Marine, just handing out backpacks to wounded soldiers leaving the hospital inthese are fairly grandiose expectations of an organization that is only thirteen years old.

According to the New York Times pieceMr. Melia is no longer with WWP after a dispute with the current CEO, Steven Nardizzi and listed founder, although that claim is somewhat in quesitonover vision for the organization. Using wounded warriors as a selling tool, it was not difficult to tap into the sympathies and patriotism of the nation, and other veterans, hence the fundraising success.

The problem WWP has at this time is not that or name recognition, a common hurdle in fundraising. From The New York Times: But as donations poured in, many former employees say the group became wasteful. The veterans collected donations at those events. Millette, who worked for the program for about two years, until he left in Millette said the charity encouraged him to highlight its role in helping him recover from PTSD and traumatic brain injury.

They just took me to a Red Sox game and on a weekend retreat. Their help is shallow at best is the claim from many veterans. They like splashy pictures and events. The quality of the programs have eroded as the quota for number of veterans helped has risen.

Without a drill down on the program expenses and records, details of how money could be more efficiently allocated just is not doable, but unreachable quotas will always impact the quality of service even in business.

Loyalty is an important concept in the culture there to the point where questioning the higher ups frequently resulted in terminations.

This is no different than any other non-profit, but the incidents described are particularly brutal and unfair. The CEO is a lawyer by education, and not a veteran.

Let that sink in. The reality is that with the true original founder not making day to day decisions, WWP lost its way, and its integrity as an organization.

Charity navigator wounded warrior project

Yes, WWP does now have name recognition and a lot of cash, but they are not living up to expectations of what donors think a non-profit should be: Getting off of it is going to take some doing on their part.

As for non-profit, when looking to donate to an organization to help others, be it a food bank, disease related charity, one that serves veterans, M.

Worden (Elgin IL) I could not find a rating for Disabled Veterans National Foundation, Inc. Is this veterans charity providing valuable assistance to our nation's veterans? Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is a charity and veterans service organization that offers a variety of programs, services and events for wounded veterans of the military actions following September 11, It operates as a nonprofit (c)(3) organization.

As of June 1, , WWP served 71, registered alumni and 11, registered members. The organization has partnered with several other. But according to Charity Navigator report, the Wounded Warrior Project donation percentage to veterans is only 60 percent. The CharityWatchdogs is also reported similar numbers, as per CharityWatchdogs Wounded Warrior spends around 54% .

IRS Business Master File data and s filed for Wounded Warrior Project Long Term Support Tr on Charity Navigator. Jan 28,  · The Wounded Warrior Project asserts that it spends 80 percent of donations on programs, but former employees and charity watchdogs say the charity inflates its number by using practices such as.

A Wounded Warrior Project flag flutters as wounded U.S. service members gather at the starting line of a mile ride in Germany in August

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