A familys pursuit of their dreams in raisin in the sun

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A familys pursuit of their dreams in raisin in the sun

Each character has internalized their own ideals of what that home should be, reflecting their personal relationship with the paradigm of the national mythos of progress. The Youngers, however, must ultimately sacrifice their individual dreams of home in order to subvert the capitalist agenda of the American Dream itself, which sells an ideology to the masses that can only be accessed by the few.


Raisin, therefore, functions as a Marxist social critique, exposing the dream to be a manipulation of the capitalist construct, which has been designed as a modernized version of the slave based economy. Hansberry denies the ideation of individual material success as a measure of personal progress by juxtaposing the failures of materialism against the elevated pursuit of a communal spiritual and intellectual development.

The construct of the American Dream is created under the illusion of equal opportunity. It is an existential ideology, as realizing the pursuit of happiness is said to be in the hands of the individual, as long as he or she is willing to work hard to achieve it; this is the myth that is perpetuated across generations, and which Hansberry hopes to disrupt.

Social mobility is not simply a matter of due diligence and a strong work ethic, as the individual is forever subject to the caprice of systemic powers, which often operate outside of the overt legal system.

When situated within such a position of social and economic subjugation, as the Youngers are, one has no recourse to seek the material aspects of progress so highly valued within the American Dream ethos. The impoverished and working classes are excluded from having agency in the consumerist market; they instead become proverbial cogs in the machine.

The senior Youngers have to work just to survive and, therefore, they can never hope to rise above their circumstance of poverty by economic means.

The parents have essentially deferred individualistic ambition for the benefit of the family. This dialogue emphasizes the diversity of black communities in the U.

A familys pursuit of their dreams in raisin in the sun

The works obviously share similar themes, as both comment on the volatile nature of deferred dreams. In a more theoretical sense, however, Hansberry is making a comment on the power of artistic capital, which is accessible to all, in comparison to the segregated construct of financial or material capital, which has been denied to many in the black community.

Hansberry seeks to link her own work to a communal voice of multiplicity within the black artistic community in America and abroad, drawing a sense of power by way of a reconnection to her African heritage.

The characters in Raisin experience a similar pull towards historical African culture. She has, we can see, wit and faith of a kind that keep her eyes lit and full of interest and expectancy…her bearing is perhaps most like the noble bearing of the women of the Heroes of Southwest Africa—rather as if she imagines that as she walks she still bears a basket or a vessel upon her head1.

Hansberry, however, uses an expressionistic moment in the play to metaphysically transport Walter back to some semblance of his ancestral home.

Despite this fact, however, as a northern city, it remained representative of the metaphorical Promised Land for many black families seeking exodus from the overt racism of the southern U. I mean that you had a home.

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Socio-economic freedom is not a simple matter of geography, as racism is not a regional scourge, but rather a systemic construct, reflected in the ghettoized neighbourhoods seen in the play. Families, like the Youngers, are continuously sold an ideology of materialism, only to be barred access to the promised dream of personal prosperity, based on the colour of their skin.

These contrasting ideologies have been attributed to Booker T. Dubois, who are paralleled in the story by Walter and Beneatha respectively. This clearly is not enough to combat the systemic imbalance of power within the American landscape that has been discussed thus far. Like his father, Walter has worked hard his whole life, and plans to undertake an entrepreneurial investment in order to finally reach his goals.

Prosperity for those who have access to the dream has come to rely on the subservience of the black proletariat, whose physical labour and subservience feeds the system of profit for the dominant community, at the expense of their own.

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The Youngers must symbolically destroy the slave tradition, carried into the 20th century via of the American Dream, in order to rediscover their communal dream of home, and move forward as family united.

She has moved beyond the mutilation of African heritage that was enacted through the slave trade, by pursuing both the historical and present state of her ancestral home. Walter too must rediscover a sense of pride in his community which has been taken by the exploitative performance of the American Dream.

Walter reassumes the nobility he previously possessed during the tribal dance of Act II, reasserting familial pride at the expense of financial security.

A Raisin in the Sun explores the conflicting status of the racial other in search of the supposedly equal opportunity pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness known as the American Dream.

However, when complicated by socio-cultural concepts of race, the dream, which is said to provide an inclusive opportunity for all, quickly becomes an exclusionary objective which only the privileged few may achieve.

A familys pursuit of their dreams in raisin in the sun

Rather than remain the victim of such a construct, Hansberry suggests that if the paradigm does not serve the community, then the community must rewrite the mythic vision to suit their own needs. Their struggle, however, is meant to serve not only themselves, but the next generation as well.

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Maine Cabin Masters S02E15 A Family Cabin Fit For A King; Maine Cabin Masters S02E14 A Family Gathering Place; Maine Cabin Masters S02E13 Family Fishing Cabin. A Raisin in the Sun is about the rocky journey they go through to acquire their dreams.

The Younger’s family has just received a $10, dollar check for their dead father’s life insurance policy. They live in a two bedroom apartment on the black side of town in Chicago. The play Raisin in the Sun is a tale of a family that has different dreams, encouraged by the insurance check from their deceased father’s policy.

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